A kayaker paddling from Australia to New Zealand is making headway again after running dangerously low on supplies and hunkering down in bad weather.

Scott Donaldson, 34, is attempting to cross the Tasman Sea by kayak.

Yesterday rescue helicopter pilot John Funnell delivered drinking water and a repair kit for Mr Donaldson's kayak.

Despite warnings to "hunker down" as bad weather approached late yesterday, Mr Donaldson kayaked 12 nautical miles in progress in the afternoon, and a further 10 overnight, Mr Funnell said this morning.


"He's had favourable conditions overnight [and] he's got his water and his food ? he'll just gnaw away at it," he said.

"He may even come up across an oil rig somewhere along the way where they can give him some water over the side or something."

Conditions were good this morning and Mr Donaldson was on the move - now just 213 nautical off the Taranaki coast.

If the weather held, Mr Donaldson could reach New Plymouth in about 10 days, Mr Funnell said.

It wasn't known yet whether the kayak's broken rudder, which had been slowing the trip down, had been repaired.

Mr Donaldson embarked on his journey from Coffs Harbour on April 19, aiming to raise awareness about increasing aerobic activity levels in our daily lives.

It is his second attempt at the crossing.

He has been dropped emergency food and water supplies twice after running dangerously low.