Teen superstar Lorde will urge people to vote in this year's general election — even though she's not old enough to have her say.

The Electoral Commission is hoping the 17-year-old Royals singer will convert more than 100,000 youth voters.

She tweeted excitedly about her involvement but was not giving much away.

"I went and spoke to youth enrolment about why young votes are important a few weeks ago, should be out soon," she posted.


The commission confirmed that Lorde will be involved in the lead-up to the September election.

"The Electoral Commission is working with her as part of our work to to engage young people about the value of voting and urging youth to get out and vote," said a commission spokesperson. The Devonport teen, who turns 18 in November, will deliver a message online.

The spokesperson said the commission was aware she was not old enough to vote and there was no attempt to disguise this. "Once you get to see [the online video] that'll answer your question."

Lorde's manager Scott MacLachlan said he could not comment. "It's her thing," he said.

Council of Trade Unions communications spokeswoman Huia Welton has previously said the singer could reach those who weren't attracted by the "orange guy" — a faceless graphic portrayal of the every voter.

"I don't think she's replacing orange guy but I think she's trying to appeal to all the people that orange guy, lovely as he is, isn't appealing to, especially the youth voters."

Targetting the untapped youth vote is a focus of several campaigns including the crowd-funded #RockEnrol and the Council of Trade Union's Get Out and Vote.