A young man's car has gone though a fence into the side of a house on Oban Rd in Greerton.

Constable Andrew McDonald said the man had an injured neck and had been taken to Tauranga Hospital for observation.

Neighbour Alex Griffin, 18, was first on the scene and helped the man out of his car.


"We heard a huge bang. We thought a truck and trailer must've fallen over on the main road it was that big.

"I sprinted out there and went straight to the car thinking I would see a dead body or someone was going to be really injured.

"The driver's window was smashed. He wasn't really conscious but he was awake, just not really with it.

"I said 'you've gotta get out, the car's smoking'.

The man climbed out of the passenger door due to the drivers side being crushed, she said.

"He's so lucky he didn't hit the tree," she said.

"I feel actually quite thrilled he's ok."

The cause of the crash is unknown at this stage.

Earlier: Emergency services are treating a driver after the car they were travelling in crashed into a house at Greerton.

The car had been travelling along Cameron Rd near Oban St when it slipped in wet weather and crashed into the house.