A Hairini man caring for an adult bull mastiff-cross used a surgical blade to remove several bones and fragments from its crushed paw without a general anaesthetic.

Rangi Waaka, 61, pleaded guilty in Tauranga District Court yesterday to reckless ill-treatment of an animal and performing a significant surgical procedure. He was remanded on bail for sentence on June 24.

The dog's severely disfigured limb was amputated as it could not be saved, and the animal was in extreme pain as it hobbled around on three legs.

Brodie's plight was brought to the attention of the Tauranga SPCA on October 7 last year by a member of the public.


When an inspector visited a Waimapu Pa Rd property, Waaka told him Brodie had been injured fighting a neighbour's dog, but refused to allow the inspector to take the animal.

Police helped the inspector seize Brodie who was examined by a local veterinarian. X-rays revealed multiple fractures in the paw with several sections of bone missing. The vet assessed the injury as months rather than weeks old.

Waaka told the inspector Brodie was in his care for about six weeks when injured.

Despite not being a registered veterinarian, Waaka detailed how he performed surgery without a general anaesthetic, and used a surgical blade to cut tendons and ligaments then removed bones and fragments.

Brodie's owner, Whetu Marama Mason appeared in court yesterday but is yet to plead to failing to ensure an animal received treatment. He is due back in court on July 1.