The Greens have released the final roster of list candidates for this year's election - and there's one notable omission.

Rogue member David Hay, who stood for Epsom in 2011 and mounted an unsuccessful challenge for party leadership last November, has vanished from the rankings.

Hay said this week he was "losing weight and thinking about buying a boat". He said he stood by the belief which led him to speak out last year, that the Greens were under-represented in Auckland.

Other candidates have also been demoted, though not quite eradicated. GE and agriculture spokesman Steffan Browning has dropped from 10th place in 2011 to the marginal position of 15th.


The Greens however, estimate 15 per cent of the vote will bring in 16th placed Tamaki Makaurau candidate Marama Davidson and number 17, Barry Coates, who is standing in Mt Roskill. The party received 11 per cent of the party vote in 2011.

Deaf MP Mojo Mathers has consolidated her position on the list, to ninth from 14th.
Gareth Hughes has moved up from seventh to fifth while Catherine Delahunty slipped from fourth to sixth.

The list:
1. TUREI, Metiria
2. NORMAN, Russel
3. HAGUE, Kevin
4. SAGE, Eugenie
5. HUGHES, Gareth
6. DELAHUNTY, Catherine
7. GRAHAM, Kennedy
8. GENTER, Julie Anne
9. MATHERS, Mojo
10. LOGIE, Jan
11. CLENDON, Dave
12. WALKER, Holly
13. SHAW, James
14. ROCHE, Denise
15. BROWNING, Steffan
16. DAVIDSON, Marama
17. COATES, Barry
18. HART, John
19. KENNEDY, Dave
20. ELLEY, Jeanette
21. McDONALD, Jack
22. MOORHOUSE, David
23. ROTMANN, Sea
24. BARLOW, Aaryn
25. LECKINGER, Richard
27. RUTHVEN, Susanne
28. MOORE, Teresa
30. WOODLEY, Tane
31. PERLEY, Chris
32. GOLDSMITH, Rachael
33. KELCHER, John
34. ROGERS, Daniel
35. WESLEY, Richard
36. SMITHSON, Anne-Elise
37. McALL, Malcolm
38. FORD, Chris
39. HUNT, Reuben