More than 700 Internet Party members convened on Kim Dotcom's Albany mansion today to hear how they could be a part of the policy making process.

Young families, small business owners, and Dotcom enthusiasts, all dressed in Internet Party t-shirts, enjoyed the sun on his expansive lawn.

The live music, pool and BBQ didn't distract from the main event, and it was the host most of the attendees were there to see.

Erin Pupulu, 31, attended the picnic with her husband and children. She was hesitant to sign up to the party at first, wanting to meet the man himself.


"He's quite a good influence on the public, and I don't understand why he's been treated the way he has been.''

Software businessman Allan Murray, 43, said Dotcom was somebody that people believe in: "He makes things happen, it's not the same old, same old.''

Maxwell Kazuva, 32, says he joined the party out of curiosity, but was impressed with the approach they were taking to include the members.

"It's something new, and they're addressing real issues for small businesses.''

Little was said by Dotcom about what policies his party would be pushing this election. Instead, members were invited to become a part of the policy-making process and to put themselves forward as possible candidates.

There was no mention of the mystery MP Dotcom claims wants to switch to the Internet Party ranks in June, but an announcement could be made as early as next month.