The first time you plant your lips on someone else's is awkward enough - let alone when it's someone you've just met, in front of cameras and for public consumption.

Until yesterday, Adray Minh Nguyen had never been kissed. But, the 20-year-old university student loves performing, and art, and he overcame his nerves to pucker up for a Kiwi take on the First Kiss video that went viral last week.

Minh Nguyen and nine other single men volunteered for the shoot to promote Love Your Condom, a condom promoter which is part of the New Zealand Aids Foundation. In line with the American video, they had never met.

Minh Nguyen described his first kiss as "weird and awkward".


"When I'm in front of the camera I don't think much, I just become a person kissing another person. And he was really nice."

Fellow university student, chef and part-time drag queen Robbie van Dijk was chosen by organisers as the recipient of Minh Nguyen's kiss, and found out it was the Vietnamese immigrant's first time only seconds before their lips met.

As well as taking the pressure off him to perform, the kiss was "actually quite lovely", 21-year-old van Dijk said.

"I became very aware of everything ... it's a very big part of your life, so good on him. It was nice to be there."

Administrator Tim Wade also volunteered for the shoot, pairing with choreographer Tia Walters.

"Before it I thought 'what am I doing, it was a good idea a couple of days ago' ... but I really enjoyed the pash."

The feeling was mutual.

Walters: "I'd definitely kiss him again."

The original First Kiss video, part of a promotion for a US clothing brand, had been watched 66 million times on YouTube by yesterday.