The wife of Kiwi engineer Paul Weeks - missing since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared six days ago - has given an emotional interview to CNN's Piers Morgan, detailing how her husband wanted his son to have his wedding ring.

With her husband's wedding ring in her hand, Danica Weeks described how her 38-year-old husband had left the ring with her for safe-keeping.

"Just as he was leaving, he said to me: I'm going to leave my wedding ring here. It's no use me leaving it in my room on the site, so I'm going to leave my wedding ring and my watch and should anything happen to me, I want the ring to go to the first son that's married and the watch to the second," she said.

"And, I said something to him like don't be stupid, just come back and I'll give it back to you and you can give it to him."


The couple's two sons are Lincoln, 3, and Jack, 11 months. Mr Weeks left his young family in their adopted home of Perth for his new job in Mongolia.

"He spent just so much time with his kids. He'd bathe them every night. He'd take Lincoln to the golf. He'd take them to the zoo.

"Lincoln was his little shadow," Mrs Weeks said.

"He just adored Jack."

Mrs Weeks said waiting for news on the plane had been incredibly difficult.

"There's no finality to it and we're not getting any information and whether they know anything and they're not telling us, at this's just blank waiting and praying."

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