It's "one day at a time" for toddler Caleb Skinner as doctors slowly bring him out of an induced coma.

The 2-year-old was allegedly seriously injured by a friend of his mother on Monday night at a George St property in Masterton.

He was airlifted to Starship Hospital in a drug-induced coma to help relieve pressure and ease bleeding on his brain.

His parents Daryll Skinner and Joanne Smith were told by doctors they feared he may die from his injuries.


However, just before 8pm yesterday doctors decided to slowly reduce the drugs to wake him for an MRI scan, and take him of the breathing machine.

His dad said Caleb had recognised them and was responding well.

"He fought them. It was a struggle to hold him down. He's such a battler.''

Doctors weren't yet able to say how much brain damage Caleb had sustained but his brain was still bleeding with a build up behind the eyes making it difficult for the toddler to see at this stage, Mr Skinner said.

"His eyesight isn't 100 per cent. It's all blurry and they won't know until all the blood's gone if it's permanent or not ... he's very groggy and sleeping a lot. The first thing he said was 'mum' and 'dad' and wanted a cuddle. He zonked out and went to sleep in my arms ... It's hard for him to talk.

"He's a bit gaggly like wheezy,'' Mr Skinner said.