If you want your pay packet boosted, head to the West Coast; if religion is your thing, Auckland is the place to be; and if you value your marriage avoid Nelson.

The latest analysis of Census data provides an insight into Kiwis and the lives we're living today.

The findings reveal Nelson has the highest proportion of divorced, separated, or widowed people in the country. Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, a divorcee herself, told the Herald it was a reflection of the city's demographic.

"But if you're going to be on your own you might as well be somewhere gorgeous, to be perfectly honest."


The statistics show Auckland has the largest percentage of religious believers and bucked the nationwide trend with a 1.2 per cent rise in the number of people who identify with a religion. Across New Zealand, that number in 2013 fell 5.5 per cent since the 2006 Census. Nationally 55 per cent of us still identify with a religion.

Meanwhile, the median annual income for West Coast households has risen more than 45 per cent since 2006. It's $55,000, up from $37,800.

The area also has the biggest rise in homes with six-figure incomes, put down to the mining industry.