A woman was bashed about the head with a lump of wood in a home invasion-style assault in Runanga at the weekend.

Police said the 22-year-old victim was assaulted when she answered a knock at the door to be met by a man demanding to know her name. The assailant then punched her in the stomach with a piece of driftwood and barged his way inside.

"Once the offender was inside the house he hit the victim around the head with the piece of wood and then left," Senior Constable Mike Tinnelly said. The woman was terrified by the experience and a police scene guard was placed on the property overnight to ensure her safety.

She was treated for her injuries at home and not admitted to hospital.


Area commander Inspector John Canning said police had strong leads in their inquiry and a prompt arrest was likely.

"We are treating this as a very serious assault. While we are not calling it a home invasion, it is very close to being just that," Mr Canning said.