Three New Zealand girls have been safeguarded after international raids on a criminal network whose members allegedly share computer pictures and videos of children being sexually abused.

Four New Zealand men and two in Britain have been caught up in "Operation Hyper" since it began last June with a tip that led to a search of a Central Auckland man's home.

The 41-year-old has pleaded guilty to possessing and exporting objectionable images and is due to be sentenced in March

"Also at the property was a 5-year-old child (his daughter) and the offender's partner," said Customs investigator Tim Houston.


The trail led to men in Levin, North Shore and Britain, and then to the home of a Northland 32-year-old living with his partner and two girls aged 6 and 9.

Mr Houston said the three New Zealand girls had been assessed by child-protection officials and made safe. "All of the risk assessments and advice we have received from those agencies show that these children haven't been abused."