The man who controversially said he could predict the Canterbury earthquakes is now linking the Eketahuna quake with a recent series of whale strandings at Farewell Spit.

Ken Ring, the self-proclaimed long-range weather forecaster, gained infamy after the Canterbury earthquakes by claiming he could predict aftershocks by analysing lunar cycles.

In recent days he has taken to Twitter to show his support for a theory linking whale strandings and underwater seismic activity to on-land earthquakes.

On Tuesday, Mr Ring tweeted to his 4,500 followers: "Farewell Spit is the EXACT same latitude as Eketahuna. We say whales strand due to underwater earthquakes. Strandings = earthquake warnings".


However, Science Media Centre manager Peter Griffin labelled the theory "pseudoscience" and said it was a "long bow to draw to suggest one thing triggers the other".