A woman who was savagely beaten as she walked along her own street in daylight is disgusted her alleged attacker has been released on bail.

She says she will be attending his next court appearance in a bid to speak to the presiding judge and express her concerns about the man being at large in the community.

Papatoetoe mother Praveet Singh, 40, was walking along Wyllie Rd on Thursday when a stranger brutally assaulted her.

She was not far from her home and there were people on the street at the time.


She spoke out after the attack, angry that none of those people came to her aid as she was punched repeatedly in the head and face by the man.

Last night she told the Herald she was also unhappy about a judge's decision to release the alleged offender on bail.

"I will definitely go to court next month. I want to talk to the judge. I want to know why he got bail. I'm not scared to ask."

A district courts spokeswoman said the bail decision was unavailable and she could not comment.

As Ms Singh was attacked, people gathered in the street and someone called 111. But no one intervened, despite her desperate pleas for help.

Ms Singh, who believes her attacker was intoxicated, was rushed to hospital. She suffered a fractured nose and eye socket, bruising to her eyes, and bruising to her hands.