Where in the world is Auckland?

According to a top American news channel, it's in Australia.

CNN has come under fire for a New Year's news story in which it showed video footage of the Auckland Sky Tower's annual fireworks display; with the caption: "Auckland, Australia".

The footage quickly began trending on social networking sites including Twitter, with many disgruntled Kiwis criticising the news channel and calling for its staff to get some geography lessons.


One man wrote: "Breaking news! CNN has moved Auckland to Australia for 2014!"

Another person posted: "Auckland, Australia? Thanks, CNN, but no thanks."

That wasn't the only big blunder to fall on the City of Sails yesterday, with a British newspaper referring to Auckland as the capital of New Zealand. A Telegraph article said: "The city of Auckland was the first major world capital to let off fireworks as the country marks the beginning of the new year."

That would have been true a couple of centuries back, when Auckland was the country's capital city in 1841.