A gang member wanted on several charges has been arrested after spending eight months on the run, police say.

The 32-year-old was discovered by Northern Waikato police hiding in a closet at a George Clay Place address, Sergeant Andrew Brosnan of Huntly police said.

"This man was wanted on six warrants to arrest relating to 15 charges of drugs, driving and breach of bail offences.

"When officers arrived at the address the occupants denied all knowledge of the offender's whereabouts but a short time later he was found hiding in a closet and arrested."


The arrest "spoke volumes" about the value of not giving in and keeping focused on the objective of removing the man, who posed significant risk to the community, from the streets, Mr Brosnan said.

"There is also a lesson to be learned for those who seek to aid fugitives on the run from authorities.

"A woman from the address where the man was found is likely to face charges and we hope other people in similar situations will take note of this and advise their fugitive associates that they may be able to run, but New Zealand is too small a place to hide indefinitely, and think of the consequences."