Nine Christchurch schools are preparing to close their doors for the final time in the next few days as part of the Ministry of Education's post-quake shake-up.

Kendal School is having a closing ceremony this morning.

Board trustee Matthew Button said the school's closure will be mourned by the whole community and not just the people who go there.

"It's sad. It's disappointing. You think about the young people and where they're going next year, and trying to think we want our children to respond well and move on.


"But the whole community ... grieves the loss of a school."

The assembly begins at 9.30am. The school has said all members of the community are welcome.

Manning Intermediate is another one to close its doors one last time in the coming days.

Principal Richard Chambers said staff, family, and students are working together to make the best of the situation.

"I don't think the changes to the school system are well timed, but it's what we've got.

"We've got to work with that, and our responsibility is to get the best we can for the children of this community."

Manning Intermediate will have its final assembly today at 12.30pm.