A mother who plied a 13-year-old boy with alcohol and cannabis before holding him down and having sex with him has been sentenced to three years and nine months in prison.

Cecelia Rona Hale, 32, had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual connection with the boy in July last year, and one of supplying him with cannabis.

Hale, who became pregnant with the boy's child, was supported in Manukau District Court today by her extended family, including aunts, brothers and sisters. They shouted messages to her as she was taken away, saying, "we love you sis", and, "stay strong".

A victim impact statement from the boy, now 14, said he was tortured, not only by the memories of what happened, but by knowing he has a child he's never met.


"When I think about the baby it reminds me of what happened to me and that angers me as well. I have to live the rest of my life knowing I have a baby out there somewhere," he said.

"I want to put this behind me but I can't."

His statement said he had moved from school to school because he cannot settle.

"I have so many feelings in my head I just get mad," he said.

"It isn't right what happened. She took advantage of me and I want her to know that. I struggle to cope with what's happened and it's really messed my head up."

Judge Anna Johns criticised the mother-of-four's claims the boy had initiated sex, and her practice of having unprotected sex.

"You somehow suggested he was the instigator of the sexual offending and seemed to shift the blame to him," Judge Johns said. "I do not accept for one minute that he was the instigator.

"Not only did you become pregnant and were unsure of whose it was, but the chance of you passing on some kind of sexually transmitted disease was huge."

Earlier this year Hale - who has a son the same age as her victim - gave birth to the teenager's child, which was taken into Child, Youth and Family (CYF) care.

The teen had just turned 13 when Hale offered to babysit him while his mother's boyfriend came round. She gave him alcohol and cannabis before propositioning him.

The boy declined and left for bed, but Hale - 18 years his senior - followed him and when they reached her bedroom door, she removed her clothes and lay on the bed.

She held the boy down by his arms and they had "rough sexual intercourse".

The boy stayed at Hale's house the next two nights and they engaged in several sexual acts.

She initially denied the offending when interviewed by police, saying the teen had a crush on her, but later admitted the charges, saying she was a heavy meth user at the time.