A teenage mother fighting for her life after she was hit by a car allegedly driven by her partner suffered two punctured lungs, a broken leg and a fractured neck, her sister says.

Maxine Morrison, 17, also had to have her spleen removed after she was run over on State Highway 33 in Whangamarino, northeast of Rotorua on Saturday.

Her 19-year-old partner, with whom she has a 1-year-old child, is due to appear in court in Rotorua tomorrow charged with driving with excess breath alcohol, careless driving causing injury and driving while suspended.

Maxine's sister Oreen told 3News the incident happened at her 20th birthday party.


"I blame myself for what my sister went through,'' she said.

The incident followed an argument between Maxine and her partner, she told 3News.

"He took off down the drive, went down the road, my sister was running after her.

"I'm feeling guilty because it was my birthday [party] and I should have looked after everyone.''

Oreen said Maxine had her spleen removed at hospital and suffered two punctured lungs, a broken leg and a fractured neck in the incident.

A Waikato Hospital spokeswoman said Maxine was still in a critical condition in intensive care this evening.

30 Nov, 2013 8:42am
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Police have asked anyone who heard raised voices or a disturbance in the area to come forward.

A witness reportedly heard shouting and said the girl had been walking away from an argument with the driver when she was run over.

Family and friends visited the crash scene yesterday.

Police have interviewed witnesses but still wanted to speak to anyone who was travelling on SH33 between 3am and 3.30am near the Whangamarino School.