Opera singer William Winitana has been jailed for three years for a sex offence involving a teenager.

The 43-year-old was found guilty of sexual violation in May, but his name was suppressed until today.

At sentencing in June, Judge Raoul Neave ruled that publication of his name would cause undue harm to his school-aged child and made the suppression order to allow for her to finish exams.

The court heard that six years ago Winitana invited a boy aged 17 to his house to take part in a photoshoot.


Winitana rubbed oil on the boy and asked him to pose in various stages of undress.

Judge Neave said Winitana "stopped thinking" and performed a sex act on the boy.

"You pounced on this young man in a very compromising and vulnerable situation."

The judge said the victim is yet to tell all of his family what happened "and may never be able to do so".