A Kiwi man who scaled two-storey buildings in Melbourne to carry out burglaries - and in one incident threw a 60kg safe out a window before carrying it over a side gate - has been dubbed the "Spiderman burglar" by Australians.

New Zealand-born Barry John Hamiora Williams, 40, pleaded guilty to the burglaries - carried out in 10 homes in exclusive Melbourne neighbourhoods - in the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Williams, who has also lived in Umina, New South Wales, has also been investigated for several burglaries around Sydney.

Court documents showed Williams stole property and cash valued at more than $500,000 from 10 homes between July 2009 and last June, the SMH said.


In one incident, Williams made off with $145,000 in cash, gold and diamond rings after climbing up to an open window on the second-floor of a home.

Another burglary saw him use planter boxes to reach a landing between two rooms, from which he was able to gain entry. He then took $15,000 in cash, luxury watches and passports, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

In one of Williams' more memorable burglaries, court documents show he entered a home after getting on the roof of a garage. After finding a 60 kg safe inside, Williams threw it onto the garage roof, then tossed it from here onto the lawn. The safe had $50,000 inside.

The Sydney Morning Herald said Williams was arrested after a June 3 burglary.

A police brief stated Williams said: "I've been waiting for this" after he was arrested.

He pleaded guilty to 20 charges, including several of theft and trespassing with intent to steal. He is due to appear in court again on March 24.