A 15-year-old girl who says police failed to act on her complaint that she was sexually assaulted by two young men associated with the Roast Busters two years ago has laid a new complaint, according to reports.

Police have come under fire and the Independent Police Conduct Authority has been ordered to investigate after senior officers said they could not take action against the group of young men who bragged online about having sex with drunk and underage girls because none of the girls had stepped forward.

It was then revealed that the girl had laid a formal complaint with police two years ago after she was sexually assaulted by two young men but no further action was taken.

Tonight 3News, which broke the story about the Roast Busters Facebook page, said the girl had now gone back to police and laid a second complaint.


The girl, who was 13 at the time of the assault, earlier told 3News she was upset by the line of questioning used when she was interviewed by police in 2011, including about what she was wearing.

Police Minister Anne Tolley called in the IPCA after a "please explain'' meeting with Police Commissioner Peter Marshall on November 7, four days after the story broke, and some two years after the Roast Busters group apparently began operating.

On November 3, Detective Inspector Bruce Scott said that even though police were aware of the group, there was nothing they could do until a girl was "brave enough'' to make a formal complaint.

It was later revealed that four girls had approached police with complaints, with the 15-year-old's a formal complaint.