The Ministry for Primary Industries has issued a warning over a sports supplement containing a controlled drug.

Acting director-general of the Ministry for Primary Industries Scott Gallacher said MPI had been notified by police that samples of the product called CRAZE Performance Fuel Dietry Supplement had been tested and found to contain the substance N-ethyl-alpha-ethylphenethylamine, also known as DEPEA.

This is an amphetamine analogue and a Class C controlled drug.

Mr Gallacher said the potential health effects of consuming it were untested and therefore unknown.


"However, I am taking a precautionary stance and warning all consumers not to consume CRAZE product on the basis that the product is a food for human consumption which contains a controlled drug and therefore may pose a risk to human health."

Anyone who has CRAZE in their possession should dispose of it or take it to their nearest police station.

He also advised against selling the product.

Recently, cricketer Jesse Ryder was suspended for six months after inadvertently taking a sports supplement containing a banned substance.