Prime Minister John Key says the Government is looking at rape prevention education but when it comes to sex education in schools it would have to tread carefully.

Some parents would feel that more information and debate in that area would be going too far and cutting across their responsibilities and rights as a parent.

There would be others who felt that more education would keep young women safer and allow them to understand their rights more fully.

"That's the balance and many parents would see it in different ways."


He made the comments at his post-Cabinet press conference when being questioned about the Roast Busters youth gang, which boast online about group sex with sometimes drunk and underage girls.

"The good news part of the story there is that at least people are going to take some confidence that the watchdog will review the file."

The online bullying aspect would be addressed in legislation recommended by the Law Commission and which was introduced to Parliament next week.

"There is a third bit of the debate and that's ultimately as I see it around sex education and ultimately about whether the rape laws in New Zealand are actually set in the right place," Mr Key said.

"It is a very delicate balance and we have got to make sure that that balance is held in the right place."

Asked about rape prevention education he said the Government was taking advice on where it might go next on the whole issue.

"All I'm saying is that in that whole area, it's a delicate area that we need to feel our way through carefully."