A $140,000 Mercedes came off worse for wear when Kim Dotcom got behind the wheel today.

Dotcom was driving the car, a 2013 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, as part of the Targa New Zealand Rally.

The German millionaire drove the first two special stages of the race, not at race speed, between two safety cars.

He misjudged the last corner of the second stage and rode up on a curb, bursting a tire and spraying the front of the car with mud.


The incident occurred on Hunter Rd, near Waitakere.

Dotcom was uninjured.

He later posted a photo of the damage on Twitter, along with the comment: "Tire explosion 300 meters before the finish of Targa Rally stage 2. Crossed the line and beat Racing Ray Williams."

Glenfield's Corporate Cars supplied Dotcom with the Mercedes for the day.

Dealer principal David Khan said he had not seen the car yet, but had heard that the damage was "nothing major".

Mr Khan said he wouldn't hesitate to let Dotcom drive one of his cars again, despite his less-than impressive driving efforts.

"No not at all, he's a gentlemen behind the wheel, not a problem at all," said Mr Khan.
Dotcom had offered up his Coatesville mansion as the starting point for the 650 kilometres Targa New Zealand Rally.

Clerk of the course James Logan said it was great to have Dotcom involved.


"He's certainly a high profile character and he was very generous in letting us use his place, which was a great start to the event," said Mr Logan.

Targa New Zealand will finish in Taupo on Sunday.