One hundred grey shark fins, and one orange fin, are floating in Wellington harbour today to mark the final day of shark awareness week.

"For sharks swimming in New Zealand waters, every day is Black Friday," Greenpeace New Zealand oceans campaigner Karli Thomas said.

The handmade fins are part of an art installation marking the country's first shark awareness week, which called for shark finning to be banned.

"Most Kiwis are unaware that shark finning is legal in New Zealand and are often shocked when they find out," Ms Thomas said.


The fins represented the almost 100 countries and states that had banned shark finning, while the single orange fin represented New Zealand.

"Our government must join those other countries and ban shark finning in our waters," Ms Thomas said.

Since Wednesday evening bright orange shark fins had been appearing in highly visible spots around the central city.

Shark finning is the practice of catching and killing a shark, slicing off its fins and dumping its body back in the sea.

The government has announced it would soon review its policies around shark fishing and conservation.