A 5-year-old boy has been hospitalised after being bitten on the face by a pit bull in South Auckland last night.

The young child suffered serious injuries when he was bitten at a home on Walters Rd in Takanini, St John northern communications manager Norm Ngatai said.

Mr Ngatai said the dog was believed to be a family pet.

"It's believed to be a family dog [but] how close a relative I'm unsure," he said.


The boy was in a serious condition when paramedics rushed him to Middlemore Hospital.

"We were unsure where the dog was before we arrived so our ambulance crew were instructed to head straight into the address just on alert in case the dog was around," Mr Ngatai said.

"Sometimes you have to weigh up the danger when you're entering a scene like this.

"Obviously when someone's sick you want to get in there as quick as you can."

Mr Ngatai said police and the council were involved.