A man who urinated on an American woman in a Queenstown bar on Boxing Day has been lambasted by a judge.

Scott Andrew Mickan, 30, a bar manager of Queenstown, admitted wilfully committing an offensive act in Altitude Bar on December 26.

In Queenstown District Court yesterday, Judge Kevin Phillips said that in his 40 years as a lawyer, judge and resident in Queenstown, Invercargill and Dunedin, he had "never seen anybody urinate on anyone - ever".

"It's just appalling. I find this behaviour entirely disgusting, reprehensible and totally inexcusable."


Prosecuting Sergeant Ian Collin said Mickan and the victim had met before the incident through a mutual acquaintance.

At 3.25am on December 26, Mickan was at the Shotover St bar with others and was moderately intoxicated.

The victim was in the bar and went to talk to Mickan, who was "dismissive" and walked away. He later urinated on the back of her leg.

Mickan told police later he had "done something stupid" but couldn't recall what happened.

Duty solicitor Mike Newell said it was a "drunken stupid act".

Mr Newell said Mickan was still employed as a bar manager.

"I find that unbelievable," Judge Phillips responded.

The victim was a visitor to New Zealand and had planned to study here because she believed it to be a "safe" place, Judge Phillips said.


"She was here and she had that feeling she was safe ... As a result of what you did, she [says] she has never felt more helpless, worthless and humiliated.

"She was dismissed, disregarded and disrespected.

"The less said about this the better."

Mickan was sentenced to 200 hours' community work and ordered to pay $1000 emotional harm reparation.