Steven Joyce is today expected to reveal details of a Novopay package to compensate school staff for the hundreds of extra hours spent administering the flawed payroll system and stress caused.

The Minister in charge of Novopay is also expected to announce the results of a technical audit and to outline measures to reduce the problems with the system that has left thousands of teachers and support staff unpaid, underpaid or overpaid since its introduction six months ago.

A spokesman for Mr Joyce said the announcement would not be a dramatic one but would outline the stability of the system.

Mr has made it clear scrapping the system may be just as expensive as keeping it.


He's repeatedly said he wants to see the results of a technical review into the system before he makes a final decision.

Prime Minister John Key this morning declined to reveal details of the announcement, telling TV3's Firstline "I'll leave that for Steven Joyce".

"He's likely to make an announcement today if he can and he'll run through all of the different aspects of the whole issue and release the technical review I think today.

"Overall all I really can say is that the system hasn't delivered at the level that we would have liked clearly. That has put a lot of pressure on schools. We acknowledge that and we're working very hard to fix that up as quickly as we can."