New Zealand's Shag Point has featured on an interactive online map of "vaguely rude" place names of the world.

The map, created by London-based geographer and Nokia's director of places Gary Dale, includes the sort of place names which would make school boys giggle, from 'Poo' in Spain to 'Semen' in Indonesia.

While New Zealand's Whakapapa - among others - is overlooked, North Otago's Shag Point features on the map.

Australia's Spanker Knob, Chinaman's Knob, Tittybong, Bumbang and West Intercourse Island also feature.


There is also a Slut in Sweden and a Tampon in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Mr Dale told the Daily Mail the innuendo was "very much part of the British sense of humour".

"If you're British, try not to snigger too much; if you're not British, just shake your head sadly and mutter, 'Those crazy Brits'."

View the full map here.