A fisherman roped himself to a buoy in Tauranga Harbour after his kayak was swamped with water.

The man, a local in his 40s, was out fishing about 11.30am when he attempted to turn his kayak and started taking on water. He tied himself to a water marker and called for help.

The man was in the water for more than an hour until he was rescued by a man on his surf board and a nearby boat.

Acting Sergeant Andrew Crockett said when the man was brought back to shore, he was very cold and was taken to hospital for a check-up.


Mr Crockett said Jeff Dent, who is visiting from Guatemala and staying with his mother-in-law in Tauranga, was at Fergusson park in Matua and called the police after hearing cries of help from the man at the marker.

Mr Dent collected his surf board and paddled out to assist the man and stayed with him until he was collected by a boatie.

Mr Crockett said while he was unsure if the man was wearing a life jacket while in the water, it was a timely reminder for all people out on the water to be prepared and wear a life jacket.