Greenpeace have released a report calling for New Zealand's energy production to be 100 per cent renewable by 2025.

"The Future is Here: New Jobs, New Prosperity and a New Clean Economy" report suggests New Zealand makes a dramatic shift to clean energy.

The report suggests a move to provide all electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025 and said New Zealand should provide all areas of energy - including electricity, transport, heating and industrial - from renewable energy sources.

Greenpeace say by 2035 the move would save New Zealand $7 billion a year in oil imports and create 10,700 jobs, an increase of more than 5,800 jobs in the renewable electricity and heat supply industry.


The report does not explain how this should be done.

Statistics New Zealand have estimated New Zealand's clean green brand to be worth more than $13 billion, and almost half of New Zealand's jobs and more than 70 per cent of goods and services exports relied on the clean green reputation.

Investment New Zealand estimated that 520 companies and organisations are researching, developing and commercialising clean technologies and climate change solutions in New Zealand.

The report suggests New Zealand should capture a share in a global renewable energy market valued at more than US$5 trillion.

Green party co-leader Russel Norman said it was a credible plan to grow jobs in clean energy.

"New Zealand now needs a 'whole of country' approach to transition our economy to a more sustainable footing, and a Green Government would set in place the right drivers to help kick-start this transition."

The report predicts that by 2050 New Zealand's carbon dioxide emissions from all energy use would decrease from 30 million tonnes to 2009 to 1.8 million tonnes, which is a 94 per cent reduction on 2009 carbon dioxide emissions.