Three-legged dog Oscar, who gained notoriety for stealing a dog roll from an Invercargill dairy has been reunited with his owner after two weeks in the pound.

The German shorthaired pointer was picked up from Invercargill Council's pound yesterday by a friend of the media-shy owner.

The dog was "very pleased to go'', said council environmental health manager John Youngson.

Oscar's fame spread after he startled shoppers at Alray Dairy when he stole a roll of dog food from the chiller earlier this month.


He twice returned to the dairy to grab more food, but on his third visit was caught on the shop's security camera and staff, who called animal control.

He has been in the pound ever since.

His owner was out of town at the time, delaying his reunion with Oscar.

During the dog's incarceration several people contacted the pound offering him a home.