Accused father says he and son will defend assault charges

New images of the attack on Kawhia's policeman were revealed yesterday, and the father of a man in custody over the incident says he and his son will defend the charges against them.

Jack Maikuku, 49, and Jackie Maikuku, 19, appeared at the Te Awamutu District Court yesterday in front of a packed public gallery that included their relatives.

The pair are charged with aggravated assault and assault with intent to injure over the attack on Constable Perry Griffin on January 11 at Kawhia.

The constable, Kawhia's sole policeman, tried to arrest Jackie Maikuku for a number of outstanding warrants when the incident took place.


Footage of the incident, broadcast by 3 News yesterday, revealed a shirtless Jackie Maikuku running towards Mr Griffin, who appears to be firing what could be a Taser.

Mr Griffin, who would soon lose his Taser, his radio and his sidearm, is seen walking backwards before he tries to evade Maikuku.

The constable tries to run away but the footage shows a man dressed in a green shirt body-checking him, causing him to fall over.

A number of people are then seen rushing in, with some trying to haul a man off the policeman.

Mr Griffin is then seen standing in a carpark as a local woman returns his belongings to him.

The video shows a volunteer firefighter and Maikuku Snr trying to restrain a man, who can later be seen yelling abuse.

Kerry Burrows, a lawyer appearing for Jackie Maikuku and for his father on behalf of Hamilton defence counsel Roger Laybourn, said the pair were awaiting disclosure of documents from the police.

Mr Burrows opposed a media application to be allowed to photograph the defendants in court.

A police prosecutor also opposed the application, which was upheld by community magistrate Kathryn Wilson.

Ms Wilson remanded Jackie Maikuku in custody without plea. He is to reappear before the court on February 25 to deal with his outstanding charges.

Jack Maikuku, who was remanded on bail, has also not yet entered a plea but told the Herald yesterday that he would defend the charges against him.

Maikuku Snr had not spoken to his son at length since his arrest but said he believed he would likely take the same stance.

"I would say so. I definitely will be but you will have to ask him."

The father and son will reappear in court on March 18 for a post-committal conference.

A 15-year-old boy has been referred to Youth Aid for his alleged role in the attack, and charges against a 21-year-old man have been dropped.