Cellphone video footage which allegedly shows a police officer using excessive force before he was beaten in Kawhia on Friday night has been described by another officer as "disappointing".

The footage, produced by a relative, is claimed to contradict the police version of events - that constable Perry Griffin was disarmed of his OC spray and Taser and beaten by five men while trying to arrest 19-year-old Jackie Maikuku.

While police are not able to comment on a matter once it is before the courts, Western Waikato area commander, inspector Paul Carpenter, said he and Griffen were both concerned about the footage.

"Having spoken to the officer again today we believe the images, which we must point out are a very selective slice of a prolonged standoff and attack are consistent with statements from both the officer and witnesses" said Carpenter.


An image that shows a large man approaching Griffin with his arms widespread, Griffin holding a Taser, is a commonly used tactic, he said.

He said the image also appeared to have been taken before the OC spray was used.

"We have previously stated we understand the officer's police issue Glock pistol was dislodged and returned to the officer when he had retreated to the safety of the local fire crew.

"We believe this image is of the instance when the pistol was handed back to our injured officer while they were retreating from the threat.

"It is always disappointing in such situations when persons choose to litigate issues before the courts in the public domain as has occurred today."

Anyone with still or video footage of the incident is asked to contact police on (097) 858 6200 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.