Police are appealing to members of the public for information on a man who was killed in Auckland early this morning.

A homicide investigation was launched after a 27-year-old was found dead on Pilkington Road in Panmure.

Detective Inspector Mark Benefield said a woman phoned the police about 4am after finding the man on the street.

"We have spoken to a woman ... who initially saw the deceased and went to his assistance, but he was deceased at the time."


Mr Benefield said police were asking any members of the public who may have seen or heard anything to contact them.

The man is believed to have recently lived in Papatoetoe, but police are yet to formally identify him and locate his next of kin.

His body is still at the scene, and police have cordoned off an area of Pilkington Road for their investigation.

Mr Benefield confirmed a weapon was used in the incident but said police are yet to find it.

Several New Year's Eve parties took place on the street last night, but it is unclear whether the 27-year-old had attended one of them, he said.

"We're doing an area canvas [and] speaking to neighbours and members of the public."

Pilkington street resident Daniel Taorei told APNZ he woke up from shouting at around 4am.

"I looked out the window and saw a fella [sic] walk across the road and just collapse."


The people who live in the house outside where the body was found are currently away, Mr Taorei said.

"It's usually a quiet street. Nothing like this has really happened here."

Mr Taorei has lived in Pilkington Road for three years, and said he had not spoken to anyone who knew the 27-year-old.

Police expect to remove the body from the scene this afternoon.