Two police officers were hospitalised after a brutal attack by a group of youths on Christmas Day.

The pair were kicked while they lay on the ground and one woman allegedly used a brick as a weapon and tried to shoot an officer with his own taser.

The officers had responded to a call from church-goers who witnessed teenagers damaging letterboxes and street signs in Dargaville about 8pm.

Police followed them to a house on Tirarau Street where a party was in progress.


Party-goers at the address became aggressive and the officers were punched, hit to the ground and kicked while they were down.

One officer was knocked unconscious and as the second officer attempted to protect him, he was kicked in the head and received bruising to his face.

One woman, using a brick as a weapon, attempted to shoot the officer with his own taser but when she was unable to fire it, she smashed it.

Police were assisted by the local fire brigade and said they wanted to acknowledge their support.

Both officers were taken to Dargaville Hospital where they were placed under observation and treated for their injuries. They have now been released from the hospital.

Seven people have been arrested - five men and two women - on a variety of charges ranging from intentional damage, assault on police and escaping custody.

Most of the people arrested are due to appear in the Whangarei District Court today.

Police expect further charges to be laid and further arrests to be made.

Whangarei/Kaipara area police commander Tracy Phillips told Radio NZ that alcohol was involved.

"Christmas cheer has played a big part in this... these people have been on the turps all afternoon. Alcohol certainly paid a part on the lack of decision-making."

Police are appealing to witnesses to contact the Dargaville police.