Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a missing alien dispute, a confiscated house and a fallen oak tree near miss.

In Whakatane, accusations and obscenities have been flying back and forth over a missing alien.

Mark Andrew Allen had his house confiscated.

Dave Sutton apparently always said that giant oak tree was "bloody dangerous."


Joseph Tira Rangi bit the face of his partner and gagged her with her own scarf while giving her a vicious beating.

There's been a series of bomb alerts in Tauranga with a box labeled "charge spotting mine", a torpedo-shaped object and a Thunderflash found in three different locations.

The sighting of strange lights in the sky over Whangarei has apparently set the internet abuzz with alien chatter. Meanwhile the cause of calf deaths in Northland is a puzzle.

Laura Finlay please go home, your family are worried about you and miss you.

Someone in this Whangarei house left a pot of cooking oil unattended.

A sudden spike in demand for food parcels in Whangarei has cleaned out the Salvation Army.

Hastings and Havelock North cemeteries could be reopened for people to pre-purchase burial plots in what is a tight market.

A private trust is planning a $10 million visitors' centre and gathering place near the site of New Zealand's first European settlement.

There's a total fire ban across all Hawke's Bay regional parks for the first time in 12 years.

If you happen to be in Auckland, here's a list of all the best things to see and do this Christmas.

Animal lover Daphne Savage visited Auckland Zoo the first time in 1923.

Eltham young people are again on the move. Meanwhile at the Inglewood Christmas Parade.

Pauline Purser started throwing things when she was 70 and she has never looked back.

Housing Minister Maurice Williamson apparently said the identities of "non-ductile" buildings of a similar engineering "genre" to the CTV building would not be released.

Lance William Rice had lots to drink and then went on an early morning knicker-snatching spree in Wanganui East.

Flowers and cards were left at the gate to the home of the Wanganui mother who died in a house fire this week.

There's a new synthetic drug called Crack apparently which has been described as "useless".

In the first nano-second, Mr Harrison thought the man had rasped out 'Heineken' but he wasn't after a beer.

South Wairarapa District Council has voted to change its policy on shooting unwanted and dangerous dogs.

A "well-organised'' party at the Eyreton Hall in Rangiora turned ugly.
Here's a timely reminder for people who are out celebrating at this time of year to look out for their mates when they have been drinking.

Robert Duncan is a little vague on how a 1934 Duesenberg Model J car once owned by Hollywood movie star Carole Lombard came to be in Wanaka, but apparently it was legal.

Karl Evans confirmed he used up to $3000 from legal aid to unsuccessfully stop his pit bull terrier-cross dog, Kaya, being put down while the Queenstown Lakes District Council managed to spend $65,000.

Following at least seven incidents of extreme intoxication and violence at Heffs Hotel, including a gang brawl, police want the South Dunedin pub closed.
Pippa Middleton will apparently visit New Zealand in 2013 to exhibit her sporting talent.

Elena Berg walked across the Regent Theatre stage to graduate wearing nothing but body paint, her mortar board, a graduation gown and a smile.

Matthew Edward Gutberlet has admitted stealing thousands of dollars of kayaking equipment from a German tourist's vehicle and then torching the vehicle.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon were: #CamilaFollowSpree, #SummerNightsTourVid, #OneDirection, #IWouldKillToMeet, #TheWanted, North Korea, Zac, Christmas, #breakoutartist and #MassadTo4000.