Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include the 'traitor' who is still pointing out 90% of New Zealand lowland rivers are unswimable due partly to the rise of the cows, young Fletcher Oxford is enjoying a sudden rise in popularity and opponents of animal testing party pills have been criticised as advocating a giant leap backwards.

Don't tell anyone but 'Dr Doom' says New Zealand will have no native fish left by 2050 at the current rate because it's rivers are so polluted as a result of activities such as dairy farming.

12-year-old Tauranga boy Fletcher Oxford suddenly has a few more friends and a bit more attention from girls.

Opponents of testing party pills on animals are apparently advocating for a return to the medical Middle Ages.


Signs displaying the number of drunk drivers caught in the Western Bay have suddenly started popping up around town.

Napier is threatening to boot Chorus contractors out of the city because they apparently keep hitting water and gas mains while digging up the streets.

After driving his friends to and from the scene of an arson attack Brad David O'Keefe, 18, of Greerton, will be spending a lot more time at home.

This Moreton Bay fig is one of the biggest trees in Hawke's Bay and also proof that trees don't last forever.

Two Northland-built waka are due to arrive at Easter Island tomorrow after an epic three-month voyage across the Pacific.

What was once a wasteland at Brookfield Primary School is now a thriving vegetable garden.

A baby boy was killed after he was run over in a paddock in front of where his family home was being built in Ngaruawahia.

Reggae legend Ali Campbell says Rotorua's Raggamuffin should be a reggae-only festival.

The search is on for the face of Rotorua.

Baby Jesus has returned to the nativity at Rotorua Hospital chapel after being stolen last year.

Do you know who this person is?

A major youth festival in Masterton has been be axed less than two weeks before the event was due to take place due to lack of funding.

Wanganui's Ed Minnell has been named a Superhero and will be given a tour of the Kennedy Space Center.

Wanganui schools have stood down, suspended or permanently excluded misbehaving pupils more than 600 times this year.

Cold, dry and sunny was the recipe for Wanganui's weather in November.

A 66-year old Gisborne woman was walking with four friends when she slipped and fell down a steep cliff.

What do you think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should name their first child.

A North Canterbury youth apparently had a thing going producing fake IDs.

In Dunedin, Marne Street Hospital has installed safety rails after a wheelchair-bound patient fell off a loading dock while smoking and died.

Meanwhile former Dunedin mayoral aspirant Olivier Lequeux was surprised to learn he had been declared bankrupt.

As he hung upside down, suspended by his leg from a waterfall for some three hours, Palmerston teenager Dion Latta showed great tenacity and courage, but ultimately it was not enough.

The latest thing to disappear from Hokitika is the Kiwibank ATM machine, and locals are upset.

Meanwhile West Coasters are being advised to get themselves a Chinese phrase book.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon were: #PolyNorms, #HarryStahp, #qschool, #royalbaby, #NiallTakeABublèBath, Kate Middleton, MSG, Haylor, #LeaveItIn2012 and #NzNorms.