Even chicken pox can't stand in the way of the Smith family gaining a perfect attendance record at school.

The five Smith children were among 330 other Rotorua school children being congratulated for their perfect school attendance this year, during a ceremony at the Rotorua Convention Centre yesterday.

Sisters Paige, 11, and Emily Smith, 12, from Mamaku School, won the top awards for going six and seven years in a row without missing a single day of school.

Their siblings Daniel, 14, Sara-Jane, 9, and Aliesha, 6, also made it through the year without a mark on the absent role.


"[I put it down to] not having to wear uniforms at Mamaku and we only get sick in the holidays," Paige said.

Her older sister Emily said they knew it was going to be boring at home, so they always did their best to get along to school.

Father Russell Smith said earlier this year that the four girls, who all attend the same school, survived a chicken pox outbreak at Mamaku School without catching the disease, keeping their 100 per cent attendance record alive.

"They eat a lot of meat and we have an open fruit bowl policy at home," he said about keeping the children healthy.

"It also makes a big difference getting to bed on time every night and getting a good sleep."

Rotorua Mayor Kevin Winters congratulated the students on stage during yesterday's 100 per cent attendance ceremony, held for the fourth time in Rotorua.

Rotorua Intermediate had the highest 100 per cent attendance for 2012 of all the schools in the area, with 40 students reaching the goal.