Animal control authorities on the West Coast say they are sickened by the cruelty of someone who taped together a dog's front legs and muzzle and left it to drown.

Westport woman Jeanette McClintock discovered the dog washed up beside the Westport floating basin this morning.

"It's absolutely disgusting, it's appalling that anyone could do something like that," Ms McClintock said.

The Buller District Council's senior animal control officer Tracey Judd agreed.


"It's sickening, it's really disappointing the dog has suffered," Mrs Judd said.

The adult male dog, possibly a pitbull cross, could have been in the water about a week, she said. Its fur appeared to be brown and white and it had no microchip.

Mrs Judd said there was no excuse for such cruelty when animal control could have taken the unwanted dog.

"It's a bit of a shock, especially when all it takes is a phone call to us, in confidence, to say "help me, I've got this dog I don't want'."

She appealed for information from the public. "If anyone has seen anything, they can report to us anonymously."

She planned to report the matter to the police.