The Mayan calendar predicts the world will end next month, but a bevy of brides is set to appease the gods in Waitati, Otago tomorrow.

Waitati resident Mandy Mayhem, 40, said she had planned the ritual to save civilisation and was holding an "all brides day" at Doctors Point Beach to worship the goddesses by gathering 100 brides, she said.

"Because the bride is an archetype of purity."

Ms Mayhem would wear a red wedding dress to represent the blood and passion of life and the other brides would release 99 red helium-filled balloons.


If the weather allowed, hang glider pilot Jonas Lobitz, of Waitati, would cascade a sash of red fabric while gliding overhead, she said.

Tribal drumming, bagpipers and a traditional pagan jumping of the broom ceremony would also feature, she said.

"Then I'm hoping all the brides will link hands and dance along the water."

The ritual would begin at 3pm tomorrow, rain, hail or shine, and she was confident 100 brides would attend the open event, Ms Mayhem said.

"But entry is by bride only - bring a bride or be a bride. Crossdressers welcome."