New Zealand has received two "Fossil of the Day" awards on the first day of international climate talks in Doha, Qatar.

The awards are issued by the Climate Action Network to countries who "performed badly" in the climate change negotiations.

The first award was awarded jointly to the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan and New Zealand for "running away from a legally binding, multilateral rules-based regime".

New Zealand also won the second place fossil award.


"Unlike its neighbour to the west, New Zealand decided not to put its target into the second commitment period, citing spurious grounds when the reality is that it is just a massive display of irresponsibility," CAN said. "It's island partners in the Pacific should think again before ever trusting NZ again."

The Green Party said the fossil awards "recognise the National Government's decision not to sign up to legally binding emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol, and its refusal to even state what voluntary goals it will pretend to aim for".

"The National Government doesn't have a plan to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions. It gutted the Emissions Trading Scheme in a way which will increase emissions, load more costs onto taxpayers, and subsidise polluters.

The Greens said the Government had become was making New Zealanders "international pariahs" by obstructing action on climate change and had placed the country's reputation on the line.

"We are seeing stories in major media organisations in the United Kingdom, United States and even China attacking our stance on climate change. Pacific Island countries cited New Zealand's decision against a second Kyoto commitment as one of the obstacles to a global agreement.