A mysterious assault on a nine-year-old Timaru schoolboy is no closer to being solved, as police have few leads and a victim who remains speechless.

Police said at 4pm yesterday the boy was found by a member of the public in a distressed condition with visible injuries.

He was taken to Timaru hospital, although the injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Timaru Police are appealing to the public for further information on the Oceanview Heights Primary school student, because he is not speaking about the violent attack.


They are seeking information on his movements after he left the Oceanview Heights Primary School around 3.15 pm, up until the time he was located 45 minutes later.

Anyone with information about vehicles parked around Holme Station Bridge yesterday afternoon, or any suspicious behaviour around the boy's school should contact Timaru police.

The boy was wearing a school uniform from Oceanview Heights which consisted of a dark blue polar fleece, dark blue shorts and a teal green polo shirt.

The boy is described as being dark in complexion, of slim build, approximately 30 kgs with dark hair. While he is nine-years-old, he is considered small for his age and his height is more that of a six or seven year old.

- nzherald.co.nz