A cow on the loose in a residential suburb was shot dead by police in Frimley Park yesterday afternoon.

A witness and local resident, who only wanted to be named as David, described watching the police fire "about seven" shots to put the cow down.

"Initially it ran past our house, we just had our kids playing in the driveway and it ran down our cul-de-sac," he said."[It] went across the road and disappeared into our local neighbourhood."

Half an hour later, he heard gunshots in the nearby park.


"I went down and had a look and police were there, there were a number of shots, but eventually it went down."

A crowd had gathered on the sidewalk to watch the spectacle.

"People just kept their distance and obviously the shots could be heard all over the neighbourhood, so people came out to look at what was getting shot up."

He heard reports the cow had attempted to charge people.

"My understanding is it actually charged a few people and had been on the loose for a while.

"When it was in the park, at least it was in a safe place, at least it wasn't shot in someone's backyard. At least they got it into a position where they had it surrounded and there was only one way it could end."

It's understood animal control officers took the carcass away.

The officers that dealt with the incident could not be reached for comment last night.