A man's dog has been taken away from him because he failed to seek treatment after it broke its leg jumping out a window.

Daniel Alan Penman, also known as Morrell, 26, unemployed, appeared before Judge Paul Kellar in Dunedin District Court yesterday and admitted breaching the Animal Welfare Act by failing to comply with requests to obtain treatment for the injured dog.

He was sentenced to 70 hours' community work and ordered to pay $500 reparation to the SPCA.

Judge Kellar also ordered forfeiture of the dog, a male labrador collie cross named Ghost, so it could be properly cared for and a good home found for it.


The court was told the SPCA received a complaint on August 6.

Penman later refused to sign Ghost over to the SPCA, saying he thought the dog was "faking it" as it had injured itself in the past and had come right.

He said he was waiting to see if this would happen again.