The $1 million multi-purpose training facility proposed for the West Coast Mines Rescue base at Rapahoe is still going to be built, despite losing the Spring Creek Mine, potentially most of its volunteers, and a large chunk of its levies from underground mines.

Mines Rescue New Zealand Trust chairman Dave Stewart said work on the new development, funded by Development West Coast as its contribution after the Pike River Mine disaster, was still on track.

"We are working with Development West Coast on the training facility, and it will still be built," Mr Stewart said.

When Solid Energy announced the mothballing of the Spring Creek underground mine, Mines Rescue ordered a review of its West Coast base.


Today, Mr Stewart said that review was still ongoing.

"We are exploring options. We have enough people on the ground and it is business as usual.

"I am comfortable with the cover we have. We are committed to Mines Rescue and we also have a legal obligation under the act to provide services.

"We are optimistic. Even though the mining industry has received a hammering of late, we are not down and out."