A judge will consider whether to grant bail for one of the men charged with the murder of Helensville father-of-three Lee McMurdo.

The news has stunned Mr McMurdo's family.

Massey men Andrew Parry Nicholson, 24, and John Grant Cuthers, 28, were charged with murdering Mr McMurdo 13 months after his body was found at his home by his 12-year-old daughter.

They are also charged with stealing a car police believe is linked to Mr McMurdo's death, and methamphetamine charges, including supply and conspiracy to supply.


Nicholson has applied for bail, and a decision will be made at the North Shore District Court on November 20.

Mr McMurdo's father, Bruce, said he was astonished when court staff contacted him to let him know about the bail application.

"I find this absolutely strange, that you can apply for bail when you're accused of murder. How could [the court] possibly be looking at bail?"

"I know they are only accused at this stage, but I just find that absolutely disgusting that they could be walking the streets while charged with murder."

He said he was even more concerned after reading about Akshay Chand, who was granted bail after attacking 18-year-old Christie Marceau despite "strenuous" police opposition. Chand stabbed Christie to death two weeks after his release.