Today is the last day for the public to comment on proposed changes to the warrant of fitness system.

The Government last month announced plans for a radical shake-up of the system, with four options being considered.

The changes could include new cars being checked at two years after being sold, followed by inspections at four and six years.

The changes are part of Government proposals to lower the annual compliance costs of the WoF, vehicle registrations and the certificate of fitness and transport services licensing systems.


Dog and Lemon car review website editor Clive Matthew-Wilson said the proposed changes had been deceptively packaged.

"The Government has done a brilliant job of presenting the changes to the vehicle licensing system as a measure to save ordinary motorists time and money. Actually, the average motorist will save very little and may lose a lot."

Research carried out by the Automobile Association found more than 60 per cent of New Zealand drivers fear changes to vehicle licensing regulations will mean fewer WoF checks.

A recent Motor Trade Association survey found 630 of the 1000 drivers surveyed believed changing the frequency of WoF inspections would compromise road safety.

People can make comments on the Ministry of Transport website.

The options proposed by the Government:
• Yearly inspections for all vehicles up to 12 years old, six-monthly thereafter
• First inspection at three years, annual thereafter and an improved test
• Inspection based in distance travelled, with measures to encourage safe vehicles
• Inspection on change of ownership, with measures to encourage safe vehicles