The reconvened Coroner's inquest into the deaths caused by the CTV building's collapse during the February 22, 2011 Canterbury earthquake will be live-streamed online.

The inquest is set to reconvene on Monday October 29 in Christchurch before Coroner Gordon Matenga.

The live feed will be hosted on the Ministry of Justice's Coronial Services Unit website, and will enable the family of victims who can not travel to Christchurch to watch proceedings.

"Part of what we do is establish the facts surrounding a death, and for family an inquest can answer questions and help bring a sense of closure,'' Coroner Matenga said.


"Many of the 115 people who died in the collapse of the CTV building were from overseas, and it is hugely important that those who lost loved ones in the tragedy have the opportunity to have access to the inquest's proceedings, wherever they are.''

This part of the reconvened inquest will focus on the circumstances surrounding the deaths of six people who were known to have been alive for a period of time after the building collapsed, but were unable to be rescued.

All six - Tamara Cvetanova (Serbia), Jessie Redouble, Emmabelle Anoba, Ezra Medalle, Reah Sumalpong (Philippines) and Rika Hyuga (Japan) - were foreign nationals.

The inquest was adjourned in September last year (correct), for further evidence to be gathered. This part of the inquest will run for two weeks then reconvene for a final week at the beginning of December.

The live feed can be accessed from this link